Managed Services

Aiwon Business Intelligence (BI) services give clients mainline access to new insights and more informed decisions.

Aiwon is a pioneer in providing ICT Managed services. We place a strong emphasis on developing our ICT Managed services offering to ensure we meet the growing needs of our customers. Our ICT support options are fully customizable where you can select from a 24x7 to a customizable services agreement including an enhanced Managed Services portfolio. This offering incorporates latest developments and next generation technologies and covers the entire ICT Spectrum including: voice, data, business applications, mobility, security, unified communications, cloud, IT infrastructure, databases, data warehouse, software Applications. Our team of highly trained and accredited IT professionals monitor a wide range of Managed Service customers from our offshore & onshore delivery center. Aiwon’s comprehensive ICT Managed services offering combined with its team of experts, adds real value to customers; delivering a 24/7 service that suits your unique and evolving needs. With Aiwon’s ICT support you’ll address Open concerns, have peace of mind, reduce risks to your data and assets and be empowered to leverage your IT investments fully. Partnering with Aiwon “makes life secure and easier”

Aiwon Data Analytics Engine provides customers with fast and efficient processing of business and application data