Company Profile

Aiwon is a premium UK based data analytics, business intelligence and managed services solutions organization. We empower businesses for an intelligent and data driven future.

Aiwon offers the most powerful Technology and Industry agnostic suite of tools and services to fuel in exponential growth. Our passion resides in cultivating business growth whilst empowering businesses both in terms of consumer perception and augmenting the widest possible audience. We understand the importance of developing both measurable business success and long term sustainability. Capitalizing on rich industry experience we guarantee a quality service that is flexible to your organisation's individualistic needs and culture. We are pioneer in delivering customer centric solutions for more than two decades.

Aiwon is Registered Microsoft Partner having a good number of customer base across various industry verticals in recent years.

Services Portfolio

  • Data Analysis Services (DAS)

    Business Intelligence

    Self Service Analytics

    Big Data Framework

  • Business Efficiency Services (BES)

    Business Transformation

    Business Processes Optimisation

    Automation solutions

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Applied Advanced Technologies (AAT)

    Embedded systems

    Cloud Computing

    Artificial Intelligence

    Machine/Deep Learning

    Industrial IOT

  • Managed Professional Services (MPS)

    Microsoft Dynamics

    Database support outsourcing

    Program/Project management

    International Trade & Financial Audits

    Techno-Legal consultancy