Aiwon Business Intelligence (BI) services give clients mainline access to new insights and more informed decisions.

The AAT vertical within Aiwon is a blend of experienced consultants, developers and researchers. We have association with universities for collaborative research and linkage with precision manufacturing companies for productising.

Our expertise lies in Communication, Industrial, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence domains. We have proven capabilities in System Engineering, Feasibility study, Product design, development and manufacturing.

Our Capabilities

  • Systems Engineering

    Product feasibility studies

    Reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions

    Highly reliable System design with reusability in mind

  • Product Delivery

    Effectual Product Delivery

    Utilizing reusable solutions to increase products reliability and delivery

    Usage of IP Cores of our and partners, for effective cost, time and reliability

  • Product Ruggedization

    Reduces risks and harm in certain hazardous outages by identifying potential breakdowns/ incidents in advance

    Provision of product ruggedization for all weather environment

    Ease of use for commercial setups

  • Machine Learning

    Big Data Sciences with Machine learning for ease of humans and world economy